How do I add a Division?

How do I add a Division?

Adding a division can be a great way to keep your organization’s multiple locations separate. Simply select the “manage divisions” tab on the web dashboard and fill out that location’s information. You can then assign users to a specific division to separate their events based on that location.
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    • When adding a Division, what information is required and how does it benefit my company?

      Divisions can be setup and then specific users can be assigned to that division for cataloging purposes thus creating different “locations” within an organization for example (Warehouse in Chicago and Rail yard in Minneapolis) Separate divisions with ...
    • How do I add a user?

      Adding a user is accomplished by selecting the “manage users” tab on the web dashboard and filling out that user’s information. The user will receive an email containing their information to login to their new Photector account.
    • What is an Event description?

      An event description is a customizable field where you can add any information about the event you are creating. That description is then searchable on the web dashboard.
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      OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it uses the phones camera to bring in characters from anything within the photo to create a searchable catalog of that photo. For example if you take a picture of a container number our OCR technology ...