When adding a user, what information needs to be included?

When adding a user, what information needs to be included?

  • Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
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    • How do I add a user?

      Adding a user is accomplished by selecting the “manage users” tab on the web dashboard and filling out that user’s information. The user will receive an email containing their information to login to their new Photector account.
    • When adding a Division, what information is required and how does it benefit my company?

      Divisions can be setup and then specific users can be assigned to that division for cataloging purposes thus creating different “locations” within an organization for example (Warehouse in Chicago and Rail yard in Minneapolis) Separate divisions with ...
    • How do I add a Division?

      Adding a division can be a great way to keep your organization’s multiple locations separate. Simply select the “manage divisions” tab on the web dashboard and fill out that location’s information. You can then assign users to a specific division to ...
    • What is a flagged photo?

      Photos can be flagged to indicate damage or something that needs to be reviewed.
    • What is Event Pooling?

      Event pooling allows an organization of any size to choose different license tiers for their organization and than based on the tiers selected an event pool will be available for the entire organization. For example if you have 3 users at the Basic ...