Why would anyone take the time to change the time and date stamp on a picture?

Why would anyone take the time to change the time and date stamp on a picture?

Simple.  If someone is being accused of causing damage at a repair cost that exceeds their financial point of pain, a few hundred dollars to the full replacement cost of the container, they would have reason.

With Photector, each picture is taken in sequence with the date and time noted on each picture.  The entire sequence of pictures must be taken within a set time limit and each picture cannot have a lag of more than 30 second between pictures.  If the time limits are violated, the process must start over.

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      The approach suggested is flawed and does not provide irrefutable protection: Not all mobile devices allow the date/time to be physically inserted onto the picture they take. That feature is not part of the default camera app provided by Apple or ...
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      Changing default tags can be accomplished by selecting the “manage tags” tab on the web dashboard. All of the tags that appear on the app can be customized to your personal preference.
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      An event is a catalog of photos (up to 20) that captures the exchange of equipment along with providing date, time and GPS location with the ability to flag photos for review through the Photector app.  An event also includes OCR to capture text and ...
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      Photector is the best way to capture, store, and share photo documentation of any exchange. Reduce searching and backtracking for photo evidence, bring your photo documentation into one secure, central place, for easy sharing and tamper-proof ...
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      You’ve damaged the container while it is under your care and custody in the interchange process which would leave your company responsible for the repair cost.  You have a choice not to report it, and wait to get caught.  If the next party involved ...